Coloured edging that can change everything... One sentence to describe the spirit of this delightfully delicate and colourful frame!

The idea? It's all about the groove on the outer side of the metal front. This is painted with a contrasting or matching lacquer that gives the frame a touch of zing without overdoing it!
The second effect is an impression of enhanced slimness.

This ultra-thin line of colour verges on the invisible... if the acetate endtips weren't there to remind us of its presence.
Available in solid and tortoiseshell versions, they feature bright colours, soft pastels or on-trend mid-shades.

ig3c5 - iggy 3 ig3c5 dore rose/noir/ecaille noir


Reference : IG3C5
Bridge : 20
Front - aspect : bright
Front - aspect : matt
Front - color : black
Front - color : pink golden
Front – material : stainless steel
Size : 50
Temple - aspect : bright
Temple - color : black turtle-shell
Temples - material : stainless steel
Type : Rimmed
height : 43,3

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